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    INTRABEAM Publicity Materials

    INTRABEAM Publicity Materials

    Features and strengths:

    Breast conserving therapy has been the norm in treating early breast cancer, and it mainly consists of breast-conserving surgery and postoperative high-dose radiotherapy on breast and tumor bed.

    At present, the conventional postoperative high-dose radiotherapy on breast and tumor bed needs 4 weeks and 1 week respectively, which is generally made in 6 months after the operation according to the adjuvant treatment conditions. While the intraoperativeradiotherapy can shorten the radiotherapy duration to within 50min, and is closely following the surgical treatment in time. What’s more, it can ensure the positioning accuracy inoperation and prevent the difficulty in locating the tumor bed after operation and in fixing the body during radiotherapy from lowering the radiotherapy accuracy.

    When developing INTRABEAMradiotherapy system, Germany Carl Zeiss Companyabandons the design defects of previous generations of electron beams-driven intraoperative radiotherapy, and adopts the low-energy photon beams and a handheld mini linear accelerator whichcan irradiate the tumor residual or tumor bed easily and directly. It is an efficient local therapy. Intraoperative INTRABEAMradiotherapy on solid tumor and tumor bed can eliminate the off-target effect and improve the local control rate of tumor – the effectiveness of targeted therapy. It has been proved that INTRABEAM can be widely used in clinical practice and it gains effective results in treatment of many different tumors. In addition, INTRABEAMcan generate high radiobiological effect, and it is equipped with a high-mobility mechanical arm, making it flexibly movable among multiple operating rooms; that is,INTRABEAM can be deployed in different operating rooms, under the management and control of one tumor radiotherapy physician.This device can perform the radiotherapy without additional high-cost and complicated radiation protection measures. The miniature mobile accelerator allows the operation to be performed safely and conveniently, and it can also be easily integrated to the existing workflow. Above all, INTRABEAM can not only save doctors’ and patients’ time, but also improve patients’survival quality and therapeutic comfort. There have been high-level evidences of evidence-based medicine to support that the INTRABEAM radiotherapy can be used during operation to replace postoperative radiotherapy on tumor bed; there are also evidences to support that intraoperative INTRABEAM radiotherapy can be used to replace postoperative whole breast radiotherapy for breast cancer patients with low recurrence rate.

    Compared with the conventional breast conserving surgery plus postoperative radiotherapy, intraoperative INTRABEAM radiotherapy can achieve the same effects, and meanwhile shortens the treatment time of breast cancer patients and saves medical resources.


    1. Scope of application approved by the SFDA: applicable to irradiation therapy in radiosurgery.

    2. Indications: adjuvant therapy of breast cancer, orthopedics (Kypho-IORT), neurosurgery (glioma, metastatic tumor), pancreatic cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, head & neck cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, skin cancer andliver metastasis, etc.


    1. To date, INTRABEAM is the only product that uses photon irradiation technology to perform radiotherapy on tumor bed during surgery in the world. Its design principle is the same with that of large linear accelerator. That is, the electronic gun produces electron beams, and the electron beams go through magnetic deflection after passing the accelerator unit, and then bombard the spherical gold target to produce photon beams. Such a high level of radiation on the surface can effectively kill residual tumor cells. The electron beams can remove all pollution, without additionalinjuries to normal organs.

    2. Compared with traditional electron beams during intraoperative radiotherapy, INTRABEAM is more innovative in design:

    1) INTRABEAM employs photon beams, increasing the biological effect in therapy 1.5-2.0 times compared with traditional electron beams.

    2) INTRABEAM adopts spherical, flat and plane applicators, which is more consistent with today’s development trend of surgeries and more conformal.  

    3) INTRABEAM comes with TPS and quality control system, which can effectively shorten the preparation time and the operation time compared with intraoperative radiotherapy using traditional electron beams.

    4) The accelerator of INTRABEAM only weighs 1.6Kg, making it easier to move among multiple operating rooms and thus realizing the seamless connection of multiple operations.

    5) Kvenergy allows the protection easier, without any special shield. It also increases the service efficiency and scope of the machine.