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    24-hour train ticket booking/collecting service is available in our hospital

    Release Date: Nov. 18, 2017View Count: 1133

    The 24h train ticket vending machine has been installed and tested. With good Internet connectivity, patients will be able to purchase and collect tickets, including those booked online in the hospital from 12 am, July 23rd. Currently, the machine is placed on the west of the guidance counter on the first floor of the northern building of the No.1 building. During the trial operation period, i.e. 23rd and 24th, 235 person times have visited where the machine is and purchased 35 tickets.  

    It takes basically the same procedure to buy and collect tickets here as at the train station. Firstly, select departure station, destination station and train number. Secondly, verify your second-generation ID card or student ID. Pay by card and then collect the ticket. The whole procedure only takes three minutes. For those accustomed to online booking, it is faster and more convenient to collect tickets. Passengers may also print service fee invoice and receipt here. The hospital has set signs and exhibition boards in multiple places. It is notable that the machine is situated at the exit of the emergency treatment department, next to the window where patients register for admission and discharge. Therefore, it is very convenient for patients and their kin to buy tickets.

    We actively implement the Further Improvement of Medical Service Action Plan issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission to upgrade patient experience. The 24h train ticket vending machine is an effective solution to patients’ practical problems. Along with the “Compassion Express” service, it enhances and enriches our “one-stop” service.