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    Henan Nursing Quality Control Center Expert Committee Conference is held in Zhengzhou

    Release Date: Nov. 18, 2017View Count: 793

    On August 5, Henan Nursing Quality Control Center Expert Committee Conference was held in Zhengzhou. This conference was to implement the spirit of National Nursing Career Development Plan (2016-2020), study the advanced management concept and improve the leadership skills of nursing managers so as to promote the development of nursing undertaking in Henan Province.

    HenanNursing Quality Control Center Expert Committee Conference 

    Director Song Baoyun gave a welcome speech, saying that Henan Nursing Quality Control Center Expert Committee Conference had a successful opening due to the joint effort of all members of expert committee and representatives attending the conference and that she, on behalf of Henan Nursing Quality Control Center, extended a warm welcome to all leaders, experts and representatives in the conference.  

    Song Boayun,director of Henan Nursing Quality Control Center, was giving a welcome speech 

    Researcher Wang Xiuping, a pioneer of national medical reform, had an authoritative understanding of the policy. She gave a wonderful and thorough clarification on the medical reform form and task of our hospital as well as the forthcoming implementation plan of nursing career in Henan Province, further clarifying the basic principle and guiding thought of new medical reform as well as the development direction and target of nursing quality management and service ability improvement of all-level medical institutions in the next step.

    Wang Xiuping, a researcher in the Medical Administration Office of Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan Province

    Director Zhang Haiyan introduced the significance of quality index and the definition, formula, collection method and application of all sensitive quality indexes of nursing care, which was very practical and useful for the further works.

    Zhang Haiyan, director of Clinical Nursing Teaching & Research Office of Peking University People's Hospital

    Vice director Yang Lei shared his experience and understanding on quality management, leadership of head nurse and gave a profound interpretation on 5 points of discipline construction, encouraging everyone to think deeper.

    Yang Lei, vice director of Henan Hongli Hospital

    Director Yang Qiaofang gave a presentation of the construction and application of sensitive index for intravenous therapy nursing, which was quite professional and instructive with far-reaching meaning for the establishment and development of quality monitoring system of clinical intravenous therapy.

    Yang Qiaofang, director of Nursing Department of Fuwai Central China Cardiovascular Hospital

    Head nurse Li Wen gave a practical and instructive speech on the related blood stream infection of PICC and the Bundle of Care, providing inspiration for the implementation of Bundle of Care.

    Li Wen, head nurse of Oncology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

    Officer Zhang Panpan introduced her innovative workingexperience in using management tools and information platform based on thehospital reality. Her collecting data through multiple channels to integrateresources provided a new perspective for others.

    Zhang Panpan, an officer of Nursing Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology

    Secretary Zhang Yaqi analyzed the reported data on National Database of Nursing Quality of Henan Province and gave answers to the common issues so that the representatives in the meeting could have an overall understanding to the provincial information.

    Zhang Yaqi, secretary of Henan Nursing Quality Control Center

    Director Liu Yanjin of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University gave the closing speech. She said that the 4-day training and studies provided a chance for all representatives to know deeply the significance and application method of sensitive index as well as the policy and development of medical reform, so that we could give full play of the digital management in clinical work in line with the national policy.

    Liu Yanjin, director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, was giving the closing speech

    In the next step, according to the spirit and job requirement in Notice on Printing of Overall Improvement of Comprehensive Abilities in County-level Hospital in Henan Province (No. 48 [2014] of the National Health and Family Planning Commission), Henan Nursing Quality Control Center will hold a public welfare training course for post competency of nursing managers in county-level hospital in September 2017, continuing to provide a communication platform of nursing management concept and knowledge so as to further improve the nursing management and service concept of county-level hospitals.

    (Contributed by Zhang Yaqi        Reviewed by Song Baoyun)