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    Advantaged Disciplines

    Nursing Psychology Discipline

    In May 2016, our hospital was selected as the chairman's unit of Nursing Psychology Committee of Henan Provincial Nursing Association. Now, Nursing Psychology Team has 82 members, including 35 psychologists with national grade 2 qualifications, 13 psychologists with national grade 3 qualifications, 7 training instructors and 8 ones with a master's degree.

    Nursing Psychology Sector in our hospital has exclusive psychological counseling room and sandplay therapy room; the psychological nursing technology includes narrative nursing, Balint Group and game of mood board. We have implemented the psychology nursingin 43 section offices for 593 people. The counseling and therapy have remarkably improved the emotion management and interpersonal coordination skills of doctors, nurses and patients, lowered the incidence of physical and mental disorders symptoms of patients and improved their experience.