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    Advantaged Disciplines

    Oncological Nursing Discipline

    In 2016, our hospital was approved to be an oncological nurses training base of Henan and "Oncological Nursing Science" was approved to be one of Henan provincial medical key disciplines. We have built "Humanistic Nursing Ward" and provided pain-free, anxiety-free, vomit-free and damage-free service.

    We have set multidisciplinary team (MDT) for tumor nursing service andprovided standard and individual service for 553 difficult and severe patients.

    We have carried out a series of caring project of cancer patients and written health education books for patients with lung cancer, breast cancer, esophagus cancer, etc. We have held "Pink Ribbon Forum" for breast cancer patients and "Ward Class" for child cancer patients. We have also established WeChat public account and group of "Henan Tumor News" to post oncological nursing and health education information.