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    Advantaged Disciplines

    Blood Purification Nursing Discipline

    In 2016, Blood Purification Nursing Center was approved to be a specialty nurses training base of Henan Blood Purification Nursing Center. "Blood Purification Nursing Science" was approved to be one of Henan provincial medical key disciplines.

    In 2011, the quality management circle activity of "lower related blood borne infection of hemodialysis catheters" dramatically lowered the catheter-related infections. In 2013, the technologies of “Double filtration plasmapheresis and blood lipid separation" and "Waste fluid discharge" were firstly put into operation. In July 2015, we were the first in Henan to implement “buttonhole puncture method” avoiding the infection of the puncture site. In January 2016, we started to give individualized health education to patients through mobile Internet technology (WeChat public platform and EQXiu).