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    Specialist Introduction
    Li QuanzhongLi QuanzhongDepartment of EndocrinologyMore
    KanQuaneKanQuaneDepartment of EndocrinologyMore
    Wang YanfangWang YanfangDepartment of EndocrinologyMore
    Zhang LingZhang LingDepartment of EndocrinologyMore
    Zhang JiewenZhang JiewenNeurology DepartmentMore
    Hu YameiHu YameiNeurology DepartmentMore
    Han XiongHan XiongNeurology DepartmentMore
    Li WeiLi WeiNeurology DepartmentMore
    Yao YongYao YongNeurology DepartmentMore
    Shao FengminShao FengminUrology DepartmentMore
    Zhu QingZhu QingUrology DepartmentMore
    Cheng YinzhenCheng YinzhenUrology DepartmentMore
    Zhang XiaolingZhang XiaolingUrology DepartmentMore
    Liu BingLiu BingUrology DepartmentMore
    Li XiulingLi XiulingDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Yang YuxiuYang YuxiuDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Zhang YanruiZhang YanruiDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Zhang BingyongZhang BingyongDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Han ShuangyinHan ShuangyinDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Yu JingYu JingDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Zhou BingxiZhou BingxiDepartment of gastroenterologyMore
    Zhang YinZhang YinBlood specialtyMore
    Sun KaiSun KaiBlood specialtyMore
    Zhu ZunminZhu ZunminBlood specialtyMore
    Lei PingchongLei PingchongBlood specialtyMore
    Zhou YunZhou YunChief physician and department chiefInternal Medicine-OncologyMore
    Gao TianhuiGao TianhuiChief physicianInternal Medicine-OncologyMore
    CangShundongCangShundongChief physicianInternal Medicine-OncologyMore
    Shi DapengShi DapengInternal Medicine-OncologyMore
    Li YukuiLi YukuiDepartment of InfectiousMore
    Kang YiKang YiDepartment of InfectiousMore
    Ma LijunMa LijunChief physician and department chiefDepartment of RespiratoryMore
    Wu JizhenWu JizhenChief physicianDepartment of InfectiousMore
    Zhao LiminZhao LiminChief physicianDepartment of RespiratoryMore
    Zhang XiaojuZhang XiaojuChief physicianDepartment of RespiratoryMore
    Chen ZhuochangChen ZhuochangChief physicianDepartment of RespiratoryMore
    Yuan HuijuanYuan HuijuanDepartment of EndocrinologyMore
    Shang JiaShang JiaDepartment of InfectiousMore