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    Li Xiuling
    Li Xiuling

    Li Xiuling is a chief physician, the chief of Department of Gastroenterology and a master supervisor. Li graduated from the medical treatment major, the School of Medicine, Zhengzhou University (originally known as Henan Medical University) in 1988 and obtained the bachelor's degree. He is vice chairman of Henan Society of Liver Diseases, vice chairman of Digestive Endoscopy Society of Henan Province, THE committee member of Chinese Society of Digestive Physician, Chinese Medical Association, vice chairman of the Second Session of Professional Committee for Digestive Medicine of Zhengzhou Physician Association, a member of the expert group of National Clinical Research Center for Digestive Diseases - Early Gastric Cancer Screening Research Collaboration Center, a director of Zhongguancun Alliance of Technology Innovation for Digestive Endoscopy, the committee member of Minimally Invasive Surgery Association of Henan Province and the committee member of Henan Society of Medical Oncology. He has been engaging in the digestive profession after graduation. He is good at the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases of the digestive system, especially the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis and complications. With a wealth of clinical experience, he has made survey on difficult cases and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the rescue of critically ill patients. He is skilled at disease diagnosis and treatment of endoscope, such as polyp removal, loop ligature, esophageal variceal ligation, ERCP examination and EST. He has published over 20 papers, has participated in the editing of 3 monographs, has participate in a number of provincial research projects and has won one second prize and one third prize of the provincial science and technology progress award.

    Clinic hours: The whole day of Monday, morning of Tuesday, afternoon of Wednesday and afternoon of Friday

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