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    Zhang Yuhua
    Zhang Yuhua

    Chief physician, deputy director of Department of Pediatrics of Henan Provincial People's Hospital. He has been working at the Department of Pediatrics of Henan Provincial People's Hospital since the graduation from Henan Medical University in August 1983. In June 2000, he took over the job as the deputy director of Department of Pediatrics. Now he is the vice-chairman of Henan Pediatric Society, standing member of Henan Provincial Hospital Association Children's Hospital (Department) Branch, member of Henan Disabled Children Identification Committee, member of Henan andZhengzhou Medical Malpractice Committee, member of Henan Abnormal Reaction to Vaccination Investigation & Diagnosis Expert Group, an expert ondrug evaluation of Henan, and a member of Senior Title Evaluation Committee of Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan Province. In 2004, he was selected as "Technical Model of Clinical Work" of Henan Provincial People's Hospital. In 2005, he was rated as "Top 50 Employees" of the hospital and elected a standing member of Henan Pediatric Society. In 2006, he was awarded the title of "Best Ten Doctors" of Henan Provincial People's Hospital. In 2009, he was elected the vice-chairman at the 21th meeting of Henan Pediatric Society. He has won 3 provincial scientific research achievement awards and is carrying out multiple clinical researches. He has participated in compiling 3 monographs and over 30 papers, among which 20 papers were published on national magazines and core journals.

    Clinic Hours:Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning.

    Tel: 65580762 (ward)   65580308(clinic)