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    Zhang Jiewen
    Zhang Jiewen

    Zhang Jiewen graduated from Tongji Medical College of HUST and obtained the degree of Doctor of Neurology in 1998. At the same year, he started to work in Henan Provincial People's Hospital (Zhengzhou University People’s Hospital). Now Zhang is the chief of the Department of Neurology, a chief physician, a professor and a doctoral supervisor. He is also the committee member of Chinese Society of Neurology, CMA and the committee member of the Cognitive Impairment Group, the member of the standing committee of China Neurologist Association and vice head of the Cognitive Impairment Group, chairman of Henan Society of Neurology, CMA, vice president of Henan Society of Neurology, HNMDA and director of the Quality Control Center of Neurology Department of Henan Province. Zhang is the associate editor of the national unified eight-year teaching material, Neurology, and the associate editor of Chinese Journal of Practical Nervous Diseases.

    He has been occupied in the clinical work of neurology for over twenty years. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of senile dementia, Parkinson's disease, cerebrovascular disease, the rescue of critically ill patients, general hospital emotional disorders, medical diseases complicated by the nervous system damage and other diseases and has a solid theoretical foundation and a wealth of clinical experience. As the first Doctor of Neurology return to Henan, he devotes himself to scientific research of neurological diseases and has a profound knowledge in the pathogenesis of cerebrovascular disease and senile degenerative disease. In the past five years, he has won 3 provincial scientific and technology achievement awards, has undertaken 6 scientific research projects, of which one is national natural science foundation project. He also has published over 10 papers on China's core journals, of which 10 papers were published on SCI, and has published one monograph. As a master and doctoral supervisor, he has trained 16 graduate students and the number of master candidate is 12.

    Clinic hours: Morning of Wednesday

    Tel: 86-18538088666 and 86-13607679900;