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    Liao Shixiu
    Liao Shixiu

    Liao Shixiu, CPC member, is a chief physician, M.D. and tutor of postgraduates of Zhengzhou University. She is the head of Henan Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics, president of Henan Provincial Medical Genetics Research Institution, leader of genetics and birth health academic technology of Henan Province and the first batch of experts enjoying special government allowance of Henan Province.

    She is a member of National Prenatal Diagnosis Expert Group, standing member of Medical Genetics Committee of China Medical Association, vice-chairwoman of Birth Defects Prevention Committee of China Healthy Birth Science Association, vice-chairwoman of Genetics and Reproduction Committee of Association of Medical Exchanges Across The Taiwan Straits, the chairwoman of Henan Association of Medical Genetics, vice president of Genetics Society of Henan Province and the vice president of Henan Provincial Judicial Authenticator Association. She is an editorial board member of Intractable & Rare Diseases Research and Chinese Journal of Medical Genetics.

    She has been engaging in the clinical, scientific research and teaching works of medical genetics for a long term, and is an expert in the prenatal diagnosis and pathogenesis studies of birth defects, the etiologic research and prevention of recurrent abortion (habitual abortion), the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of genetic diseases, clinical genetic counseling and individual detection of genetic diseases. She now presides over 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China General Projects and 6 provincial scientific research tasks. She has won 4 provincial scientific research achievement awards and published more than 70 academic papers with12 of them included in SCI.