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    Nursing team of Henan Provincial People's Hospital, having 3,383 nursing staff, is honored as a Gold Nursing Team with pursuit for solidarity, endeavor, dedication, preciseness, factualism and excellence. The Nursing Department consists of three sections: Quality Management Section, Teaching & Training Section, Discipline Construction Section. The complete and scientific management system leads the team to be one of the best clinical nursing teams nationwide. The entire nursing staff in Henan Provincial People's Hospital builds up a solid barrier to safeguard your health by their professional techniques, warm service and strict attitude.

    Organizationalstructure of Nursing Department of Henan Provincial People's Hospital

    Our hospital has 12 specialty nursing groups for specialty nurses cultivation; 2 approved national specialty nurse (SN) training bases: Practical Base for Central Sterile Supply Department, Zhengzhou International Enterostomal Therapist Training Base; 7 provincial specialty nurse training bases: Backbone Nurses Training Base, ICU Nurses Training Base, Operation Department Nurses Training Base, Emergency Nurses Training Base, Sterile Supply Nurses Training Base, Blood Purification Nurses Training Base, Oncology Nurses Training Base; 1 national clinical key specialty: Clinical Nursing; 3 Henan provincial medical key disciplines: Science of Disinfection, Oncology Nursing Science, Operation Nursing Science; 3 Henan provincial medical key cultivation disciplines: Blood Purification Nursing Science, Cardiovascular Nursing Science, Emergency Nursing Science.

    The Nursing Department has established a nursing quality management system integrating the quality, safety and service, set up a Nursing Quality and Safety Management Committee as well as a Nursing Quality Sensitive Index System, monitoring 13 sensitive indicators since 2014. The standards and criteria set by the Nursing Department represent the highest standard of nursing industry in Henan Province. Professional books like Nursing Management Guide, New Clinical Nursing Guide, Clinical Nursing Routine, Technical Operation Procedure for Specialty Nurses written by nursing specialists are highly appreciated by Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan Province and published for many times and used widely in hospital across the province. Besides, the nursing specialists are also commissioned by Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan Province to participate in the formulation of multiple nursing work specifications, including Medical Institutions Nursing Quality Appraising Standard and Method of Henan Province, Special Nursing Skills Operation Procedure, Specification and Management of Medical Document, Nursing Skill Operation Evaluation Standard of Henan Province, laying a solid foundation for standard nursing work of Henan.

    After a hundred years of development, the earnest and rigorous work style gets refined and handed down from generation by generation, forming an excellent nursing culture of Henan Provincial People's Hospital. Henan Nursing Quality Control Center, Henan Sterile Supply Quality Control Center and Henan Operation Department Nursing Quality Control Center have been approved by Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan Province and established, marking the leading position of Nursing Department of Henan Provincial People's Hospital. The department has successfully applied for the national clinical key specialty, which is the highest honor for nursing undertaking during the 100 history. The nursing team of Henan Provincial People's Hospital, standing in the front row among domestic teams, is not only a flag of Henan health system but also a model of national nursing industry.