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    Teaching Overview

    Introduction to Department of Education and Training

    In order to strengthen the synergies of medical education, we have set up a Department of Education and Training with the education and training as our focus, which adopts the presidentaccountability system and is directly led by division directors. The Department consists of undergraduate education division, postgraduate education division, post-graduation education division, continuing education division and medical simulation center.We have revised and improved a series of standards, norms and regulations to combine the school education, post-graduation education and continuing education perfectly and attach much importance to the organization management, institutional construction, support system, teachers training and students training process management. We have set up 24 clinical research rooms, 31 residents training bases and 2 professional training bases. “Henan Provincial Standardized Training Center of Residents” established in our hospital will drive the building of residents training base in Henan province, as well as the standardized management and assessment of residents. The information management platform and residents training network college under constant improvement will ensure the sharing of teaching resources and the high quality of training.

    Undergraduate Education Division: undertake clinical teaching for senior students in medical school; receive more than 1,000 interns from 13 universities and colleges in and out of Henan province; organize theoretic teaching, practice teaching, pre-job training and bedside teaching, andlaunch multi-station examination for clinical skills of trainee, allowing undergraduates to know the standardized training and assessment of residents in advance.

    Postgraduate Education Division: our hospital began to jointly train masters with Zhengzhou University, Henan University, Shandong University and Xinxiang Medical University in 2006, and recruited students independently since 2012. Up to now, we have 327 master’s and doctor’s supervisors who have cultivated more than 700 masters and doctors, and offer doctor’s degree program in 6 subjects and master’s degree program in 15 subjects. We have formed a standardized management system from enrollment, training, degree awarding to tutor & student, however, we still continue to explore new ways of tutor training and the combination of professional master’s programs and standardized training of residents to improve the training quality.

    Post-graduation Education Division: our hospital was approved as the residents’ standardized training base by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China in 2014, and now has 31 professional bases for residents training. Remarkable progress has been made in organizational structure, institutional improvement, infrastructure, teacher cultivation andtraining process. We adopt the equal pay for equal work. As the “standardized training demonstration base for residents in Henan province”, our hospital has been awarded “advanced unit in residents training in Henan province” for many years. The on-line operation includes 6 modules, such as residents training management system, HD network video recording and broadcasting system, on-line examination system and OSCE multi-station assessment system. We are the first to establish residents network college in China, which can share teaching resources with Peking Union Medical College Hospital and dozens of base hospitals in province.

    Continuing Education Division has over 80 standard national continuing education programs and near 30 provincial continuing education programs approved each year,and received more than 1,300 refresher doctors in different specialties from basic medical institution. It has taken 20 service measures to carry out Internet-based intelligent hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and sends model and qualified teachers to grass-root areas for practical skill training.

    Medical Simulation Center, with the building area of 4,000 m2, consists of Academic Report Area, Skill Training Area and Clinical Examination Center.The hospital has spent more than 60 million yuan on advanced simulative electron standardized patients, model and computer simulation facilities and set up 24 clinical skill training platforms and OSCE stations for technical training of multiple disciplines such as internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency treatment, anesthesia, endoscope and nursing. The training courses, serving for medical personnel not only in Henan Province but also in surrounding provinces, evaluate both individual skill and multi-discipline team competency and change to ability-oriented training instead of taking knowledge as the core. The hospital has held more than 2,400 training programs a year including learning salon, workshop, training courses, seminars, theory tests and technical training and check of different specialties for over 130,000 people.

    During the process of large-scale public hospital reform, in line with the service aim of "People's Hospital serves the people", we enhance the teaching cultural construction and hold humanism forum, book sharing activities and role change class for communication to balance teaching and learning. Following the development concept of "clinic represents today, research makes tomorrow, teaching creates future", we strive to build Henan Provincial People's Hospital into a famous and first-rate teaching-research hospital nationwide!