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    Academician Workstation

    From 2012 to 2016, Henan Provincial People’s Hospital set up 7 academician workstations in total, and the Henan Academician Workstation for Key Technology and Clinical Application of Keratopathy Therapyhas been approved in 2017, which will be jointly built by our hospital and academician XieLixin. Based on these academician workstations, our hospital strengthens the project cooperation and accelerates the talent cultivation, and has made new breakthroughs in introducing high technologies, increasing medical level and promoting hospital development.

    1. Henan Academician Workstation for Prevention of CVD was established in 2012.

    Academician Hu Dayi 

    2. Henan Academician Workstation for Clinical GeneDiagnosis and Therapy was established in 2013.

    Academician Zeng Yitao

    3. Henan Academician Workstationfor CVD Clinical Research and Quality Control was established in 2015. 

    Academician Hu Shengshou

    4.Henan Academician Workstation forPrevention and Control of CKD was established in 2015.

    Academician Chen Xiangmei

    5. Henan Academician Workstationfor Prevention and Control of CLDwas established in 2016.

    Academician Li Lanjuan

    6.Henan Academician Workstation for Andrology Basic and Clinical Research was established in 2016. 

    Academician GuoYinglu

    7. Henan Academician Workstationfor Minimally Invasive Treatment and Gene Diagnosis of Liver Tumor wasestablished in 2016. 

    Academician Chen Xiaoping